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Patient Education - Colonoscopy Instructions

United Surgery Center

Colonoscopy Instructions



Planning for your procedure


  • You MUST have a Responsible driver to take you home. Over the age of 18. You may not take a bus or taxi. If this driver will not remain in the center the whole time you are here, they must have a cell phone AND be available to come back to get you as soon as we call them. You may plan APPROXIMATELY 2 hours total from the time you arrive until you are ready to go home, this is just an approximation.
  •  You will receive a call from our nursing department to go over ALL your health information, medications, etc. This is VERY important that you complete accurately. This may be done as soon as you schedule your procedure, but we ask that you try to complete within 3 days prior to your procedure.You will receive a phone call from the ENDOSCOPY center 2-3 days prior to your procedure to give you your arrival time and confirm that your registration with Simple Admit has been completed, your arrival time to the center  MAY BE DIFFERENT from the time you receive from the medical office when you schedule your appointment. If we do not reach you PLEASE call us  and receive your time, nurses are available most days from 0630-1:30pm 951-698-8805 for the Murrieta location and 951-303-6890 for the Temecula location, extension 4 at both locations. Please make sure you are aware of which surgery center location your appointment is at.
  • Please review all the instructions, once registered with Simple Admit you will receive emailed copies of the instructions for your procedure. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our nurses  so we may address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • YOU MUST INFORM your physician if you are taking any BLOOD THINNING MEDICATION, such as: Aspirin, Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix, Effient, Aggrenox, Heparin, Pradaxa  or a blood thinner not listed.
  • Stop NSAIDS( Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory medications) such as Mortin,Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Celebrex, Naprosyn, Excedrin. If you are taking a prescribed NSAID, please discuss this with the physician.
  • If you have any difficulty tolerating the preparation, please contact the medical office that you scheduled your appointment at  Murrieta Pointe( by Richie’s Diner) 951-200-6791, Loma Linda 951-566-5229,  Fallbrook 760-728-9560 or Temecula 951-303-3718 If you reach them after business hours or on the weekends, the on call physician will be reached.




  • You must stay on a clear liquid diet ONLY. NO solid foods at all from the time you wake up the day before your Colonoscopy. Please see attached list of ideas of clear liquids.
  • You will begin your bowel prep in the evening the day before your Colonoscopy. Please follow the prep instruction that has been given to you by the medical office at the time of your scheduling . Do not follow instructions given by pharmacist or on package inserts. Attached you will see a list of different bowel preps, please follow the prep you have been given.
  • Please keep hydrated. We encourage you to drink plenty of fluids the day before your colonoscopy. Please do not have anything that is RED or PURPLE. No dairy products, or nectar type liquids.
  • You may take all scheduled medications the day before your procedure unless otherwise instructed.




  • Second Prep portion: Please complete the second portion of your bowel prep and any further liquids AT least 3 hours before your arrival time, failure to do this may result in a delay for your procedure. Please do not have ANY fluid at all within 3 hours of your arrival time.
  • IF you take heart, blood pressure medications or seizure medications  you may take those the morning of your procedure with a small sip of water.
  • IF you are a diabetic, you will be instructed to HOLD your diabetic medications the morning of your procedure. Please check your blood sugar prior to your arrival, we will ask for the reading.
  • Do not wear jewelry, perfumes or lotions. Leave all valuables at home, except for your Driver’s License and reading glasses if you require them. You will have multiple documents to sign upon your arrival.
  • You will check in at the reception area where you will sign several documents. You will then be called to the Pre-Procedure area, where you will sign you consent for the procedure and we will review your medications and history as well as your vital signs and start a small IV.
  • Your Anesthetist will speak with you prior to your going to the procedure room, where you will have any questions regarding your sedation answered and your will sign the Anesthesia consent.
  • Once you are in the procedure room you will be placed on several monitors and turn to your left side. You will have a chance to speak with your physician before ANY sedation is given.
  • Your recovery time after the procedure before you go home is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Your medical history will be reviewed multiple times and you may be asked what you are having multiple times, this is a safety checklist.


Following your Procedure


  • Do not plan to drive a car, work or operate ANY machinery for 24 hours. You may resume normal activities the day after your procedure.
  • We recommend someone stay with you after the procedure.
  • You may eat and drink when you get home, unless instructed otherwise. We suggest you start with a light meal.
  • You will be given detailed discharge information explaining what the doctor found, we generally discuss this with your ride home, as you may still be somewhat groggy. You will have the information to take home with you.
  • You will receive a follow up phone call the day after your procedure (Monday if your procedure was Friday) If we do not reach you we may send you a letter to see how you did.
  • You will receive any pathology results through the Medical Office on your follow up visit. If you did not schedule a follow up at the time you scheduled your procedure you may call to schedule a follow up after you are home.


Points to Remember/Suggestions


  • Drink plenty of Liquids the day before your Colonoscopy, the more hydrated you are the better you will feel and the more successful your prep will be.
  • If you develop bloating or cramping while drinking your prep, slow down your glasses or give yourself a 20 minute break. Again IF you cannot tolerate the prep, contact the MEDICAL OFFICE as discussed earlier.
  • Nausea, cramping and fullness are common side effects.
  • If you have been given any flavor packets, we suggest you do not flavor  the entire solution with  one flavor, it can get overwhelming. You may also try package crystals such as crystal light to help with the flavor of the prep.
  • If the solution is chilled it is more tolerable.
  • Drink it quickly through a straw. This has worked for some patients.
  • Drink something you enjoy between each glass or prep, suck on a hard candy or each jell-o.
  • Your insurance company will be contacted PRIOR to your appointment for authorization. If you have questions about this please contact our business office several days prior to your appointment 951-698-8805( Murrieta) or 951-303-6890( Temecula)
  • IF you are having trouble tolerating the preparation, please call 951-566-5229 even if it is after business hours, this will contact you with the ON call physician.
  • There are four(4) components to the Endoscopy Center, 1) The Physician 2) The Endoscopy Center 3) Pathology and 4) Anesthesia. If you have any questions regarding your insurance and the coverage of these components, again, please contact the business office SEVERAL days prior to your arrival.




We look forward to your visit



United Surgery  Center Staff